Research & Development

Researchers at Beiersdorf have spent over 135 years unlocking skin’s complex processes to develop skin care products that are trusted the world over. Innovation has always been a fundamental part of our DNA. From the introduction of Eucerin (1900) and NIVEA Crème (1911) to discovery of the skin-rejuvenating and wrinkle-reducing coenzyme Q10 and the excellent skin-moisturizing properties of the ingredient Hydra IQ, as well as the invention of the first deodorant that protects against textile discoloration or stress-induced perspiration.

Today about 900 scientists are dedicated to research and development in our Consumer Business segment. The Beiersdorf Research Center has set industry-wide global standards on measuring, analysing and evaluating the effectiveness of skin care products. To stay close to the differing needs of our global consumers we have established regional research and development laboratories in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and in the USA.

R&D is part science and part art. We have to utilize cutting edge technologies and understand consumer psyche. We have to merge social trends with scientific advancement. We have to translate our science into claims that resonates with our consumers. And we have to deliver attractive and functional packaging that ultimately sells the product.

Dr. May Shana’a, Senior Vice President of global Beiersdorf Research & Development