Effective and Uncomplicated Skin Care for Active Men

NIVEA MEN - It starts with You

NIVEA MEN products answer all of men’s needs from head to toe. Be it nourishing facial creams, facial cleansers, shaving products, deodorants or body lotions for men, this wide offering completes the attractive image and personality of the modern gentleman.

Male Skin Specifics

The outer layer of men’s skin is actually 15 to 20 percent thicker than women’s skin, and it also contains more supportive collagen. Because it has a firmer structure, it is more effectively protected against UV radiation and harmful environmental influences. That’s why men need fewer emollients and more moisturizers than women.

Fast and Efficient What Men really Want

Women love caring for their skin. Men think it’s inconvenient. They want products that are quick to use and deliver fast results. Beiersdorf discovered this in numerous studies, so NIVEA MEN focused on developing products that are as quick and effective as possible.

    One of the leading brands in men’s face care
    Product development considers specific regional features
    Focused on products that are as quick and effective as possible
    In recent years the men’s cosmetic market has grown by approx. 5%
    Men’s skin is 15 to 20% thicker than women’s skin