Skin Research

Our vision is to be the number one in skincare.

Dr. May Shana’a, Senior Vice President of global Beiersdorf Research & Development

Natural science knowledge has been growing at a rate of around 200% every 8 years, so today, we know 5,000 times more than we did 100 years ago. At Beiersdorf, we have contributed to this wealth of knowledge and our research into skin’s biology and the basic biological, chemical and physical principles of optimal skin treatment has led to a huge increase in product and ingredient innovations.

The basis for progress and innovation at Beiersdorf is the continual search for new biological opportunities to target the specific skin-related needs of different skin types and age groups. At our Hamburg research center, our multidisciplinary team of human, cell, and molecular biologists, immunologists, and biochemists uses its research to find new, active principles that support the skin in its metabolic processes – as naturally as possible.

To achieve this goal, we use the latest biochemical, molecular biological, and physical methods of analysis. We also co-operate with a global network of academic, institutional, and industrial partners from the worlds of research and science.
At our research center, we also offer natural science researchers the opportunity to complete their PhD dissertations with support from scientists from Beiersdorf AG, as well as our partner universities.

We believe that by incorporating the individual needs of our global consumers into the research and development of new skin products as well as the scientific advancement both within and beyond Beiersdorf, we can guarantee an exciting future in the field of skin research.