Definition of standards

Throughout our history, we have maintained exceptionally high standards when it comes to our dermatological expertise and the quality of our research. So much so that methods conceived and tested by us to investigate and evaluate the effectiveness of skin care products have become industry global standards. For example:

Sun protection factor

Our research contributed significantly to the development and establishment of the sun protection factor, which allows scientific comparison of the effectiveness of sun protection products. NIVEA sun protection products have displayed this measurement device since 1975.

Visible UV protection

We have successfully developed an innovative method of making the amount of sunscreen on the skin – and hence the degree of UV protection – visible and measurable. This allows us to educate consumers on the optimal amounts and concentrations they need to protect their skin.

Wrinkle measurement

Beiersdorf designed PRIMOS, a state-of-the-art measurement technique, to demonstrate the effectiveness of skin care products in smoothing skin. This has helped us discover, for example, the skin-rejuvenating effects of vitamin C and other successful anti-aging ingredients.

Individual skin codes

With our innovative Skin Code Reader, it is now possible, for the first time, to determine consumers’ individual skin code. This can then be used to form the basis on a personalized care and treatment plan. This technology can be accessed by customers at our Eucerin Skin Institute in Hamburg.

In-Shower Body Milk

In 1963, we revolutionized skin care and changed consumer perceptions of essential body care for ever with our NIVEA Milk. In 2013, we created a new category in the body care segment when we launched NIVEA In-Shower, the first body milk for use in the shower.