The Beiersdorf Research Center, Hamburg

About 700 researchers and developers work at the Beiersdorf Research Center in Hamburg. In the skin researchers’ laboratories human, cell and molecular biologists, immunologists and biochemists use electron microscopes and biochemical, molecular biological, and cell dynamic procedures to gain new knowledge of how they can better support the skin’s own metabolic processes.

Experts in product development use the scientists’ findings to carefully mix ingredients for new lotions or creams. To achieve their stringently high standards, this process takes a significant amount of time.

Before any product is made available to consumers, it undergoes rigorous testing. It will only be evaluated by test subjects once it has passed tests for effectiveness, tolerance by the skin and stability. As well as the test subject analysis all new products must pass market research studies and the packaging development team must create attractive, practical and environmentally-friendly packaging.

As part of the Skin Research Center, the Beiersdorf Test Center has specially designed bathrooms to observe how consumers use products, a “hot room” for deodorant research, laser microscopes to examine the effects of skin-tightening products and an in-house hair salon to test the effects of hair care products.

Regional research and development laboratories

In order to offer consumers in all regions of the world products that are tailored as closely as possible to their needs – culturally, aesthetically or climatically, we have opened regional research and development laboratories in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico and the USA.

These laboratories have allowed us to develop skin care products that meet local needs such as tan activating sun lotion for Brazilian consumers and invisible Black & White deodorant for hotter climates like Thailand and Mexico.

We have opened three new laboratories since 2012, reflecting our strategy of staying close to consumers. Wuhan (China) is working on product insights that satisfy the wide consumer needs in the Far East region, Silao (Mexico) is concentrating on developing products to meet the need of consumers throughout the South American region while our newest laboratory, in Sanand (India) is working on the unique needs of local consumers in a region that includes over 84 countries across three continents.