Learning & Development

At Beiersdorf Thailand, we put you in the center of your own career development. Of course, your manager will support you and the HR team will facilitate. But since each career is highly individual, you will be the one steering the speed and direction of your development. We see it as our responsibility to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to bring the best out of you and to support you to go your own path.

The opportunities in my career have been built upon trust, intension, contribution, and courage. Working at Beiersdorf is the right fit for me. The company encourages people development and also builds synergies and diversities across countries. International assignments to other countries within MU SEA gives international exposure and the opportunity to work across cultures.

Lisa, Supply Manager


To make sure you will have a smooth start, we developed an onboarding program called “Life@ Beiersdorf Thailand”. Within your first week, you will get familiar with our history, strategy and brands as well as with our people and our culture.

On-the-job development

Most of your development will happen on a day-to-day basis. That is why you will get responsibility and challenging tasks early on. We also encourage our employees to take on cross-functional steps to broaden their horizon. Regular feedback sessions ensure that you always stay on track.


Both in our office in Sathorn and in our production center in Bangplee, we provide different kinds of trainings to make sure that you are equipped with the right skills to be successful in your current role and also to prepare you for your next role. Our trainings range from acquiring fundamental business skills, dealing with change management and learning how to motivate and inspire others, to improving your capability of the English language. Apart from that, globally and locally developed leadership trainings help to prepare our future leaders from within.
Beiersdorf Thailand Career International Assignments

International assignments

We offer outstanding employees the possibility to grow even further professionally and personally by gaining working experiences across countries – be it within our Management Unit South East Asia, the Far East Region or worldwide.