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Beiersdorf (Thailand), we are No. 1

Suwannee Sritonyachote, Managing Director

Beiersdorf - Thailand is like an orchestra band…each musical instrument, which represents each function, is equally important…It orchestrates with each other as a team with passion for highest success!

Our products were introduced to Thailand on 26th December 1982 by Kistenmacher Hamburg* (Authorized distributor of Beiersdorf Hamburg). In 1985 our first factory in Thailand was established, at Bangplee Industrial Estate, consuming an area of 40,000 sq.m.


NIVEA Cream was our first product which was launched in 1987 under the company name BDF Intanin Limited which was then changed to Beiersdorf – Intanin Ltd. in 1991.  Finally the company changed its name to Beiersdorf (Thailand) Co., Ltd in 1993.


Beiersdorf Thailand serves as a center which emphasizes on high quality products as a foundation for our success. The quality of our work has been confirmed by obtainingour first “Good Manufacturing Practice” certificate in 1994.


Moreover we are very proud to have received the “Therapeutic Goods Administration Certificate” from Australia in 2001 which allows us to produce NIVEA sun products for the highly sophisticated Australian market.

We are also aware of our responsibility towards the quality of life for our people by caring about safety & environmental concerns.


We underline Market Leadership with the “FDA Quality Award 2010” -  this annual 'Best Cosmetics Company' award is given to companies that display consistent determination to develop and manufacture top-quality products, take care of safety issues, see consumer benefits as top priority and possess strong track records in corporate social responsibility.


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