Our Commitments for 2020

Our approach to sustainability focuses primarily on increasing our ability to respond to change and establishing a forward-looking culture. We have identified the issues that are important to our stakeholders, contribute to the long-term success of our business and which help to combat global problems. Our 2020 ambitious commitments are designed to ensure that we are focused on the areas where we as a company have the greatest impact. These commitments give us clear direction and charge us to strive for a better performance.



By 2020 we aim to generate 50% of our sales from products with a significantly reduced environmental impact. (Basis 2011)

Progress Against our Products Commitment  
Until now, we have achieved 12% of our annual sales through products with a significantly reduced environmental impact (Base Year 2011).

Our Approach to Achieving our Products Commitment
Environmental evaluation is being embedded throughout our product development process. The environmental impact of our new products and relaunches is measured against a comparable or previous model. We take a holistic approach which means we also include materials used at the point of sale and in promotions.

With our sustainability product scorecard we measure the environmental impact of our products’ packaging and formulas. We examine key elements such as the amount of non-fossil ingredients, the impact on water toxicology, the reduction in packaging material, and the use of recycled materials. In order to get a rating of "significantly reduced environmental impact", products need to achieve a positive final balance on the scorecard.

We use life-cycle analyses to identify environmental hotspots across the entire product life-cycle. These insights enable us to fine-tune our product scorecard.







By 2020 we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 30% per product sold. (Basis 2005) 

Progress Against our Planet Commitment
We have already cut our CO2 emissions per product sold by 48% - exceeding our Planet commitment for 2020 by 18 percentage points (Base Year 2005).

Our Approach to Achieving our Planet Commitment
We have expanded the scope of our CO2 mapping and actions: Going beyond our own production centers to include categories like warehousing, transport, third party manufacturing, as well as employee travel and offices.  

We have broken our ambitious commitment down into different sub-targets for example, reducing transport-related emissions by 20% and emissions at our own production centers by 50% per product sold. For the categories where we have no 2005 data available, we have estimated the emission levels in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.  

We are streamlining our global data collection system to improve our data coverage across all categories and regions. This will enable us to optimize our monitoring and performance management and external reporting processes.



By 2020 we aim to reach and improve the lives of one million families. (Basis 2013)

Progress Against our People Commitment
Since 2013, we have supported a total of 244,811 families through our global social commitment.

Our Approach to Achieving our People Commitment
We support families through various social projects which are focused on specific local needs. We reach families via our brands and our employees using contributions, such as project funding, employee volunteering and in-kind donations.

By supporting individual family members e.g. through educating children, empowering mothers or raising awareness of family needs, our projects contribute to the improved well-being of the whole family.  

We ensure sustainable impact by focusing on long-term projects with trusted local partners and favoring high-quality over high-quantity projects.

Sustainability Review 2015

Sustainability Review 2015

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